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SsrsRenderStudio Server Master Monitor


A single SsrsRenderStudio Server would be designated as a master watchdog either through a static setting or an election (see WCF Masterslave project). Once a master is set, it would run a thread that would request the status of each service. The watchdog would update a db table with latest service status and alert the administrator as necessary. If the watchdog service were to die then the GetStatus() operation would not be called. This could act as a trigger for each SsrsRenderStudio Server to begin an election of a new master watchdog service.
The other responsibility of the master service would be to maintain the REX recycle delays to a minimum by submitting a dummy report to each REX in the master configuration. Currently, this responsibility falls on each one SsrsRenderStudio Server, and only when a report is first printed to any particular REX. In the proposed model, once a master is elected it would send a dummy report to all REXs. This strategy would also uncover any inactive SSRS instances.